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Bodyweight Movements

Bodyweight movements cost you nothing, and can be done just about anywhere.


If you’re totally new to kettlebells or have little experience with strength training, I recommend first purchasing a kettlebell that is between 6-8 kg (or, 13-17 lb).

If you’ve used a kettlebell before, or have experience with strength training, I recommend purchasing a 12 kg (26 lb) kettlebell, which will be great for most movements, including the military press, goblet squat, and swings. From there, you can move into using a 16 kg (35 lb) kettlebell or 20 kg (44 lb) kettlebell for swings and lower body training like deadlifts or goblet squats.

As you advance in love for kettlebells (and overall strength), you can purchase heavier kettlebells for more challenging swings and deadlifts.

I recommend purchasing kettlebells from CFF Fit, as their kettlebells are high quality and have a lifetime warranty. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, check out the CAP Barbell Cast Iron Competition Kettlebells on Amazon, which have a powder coating and come in a variety of sizes.


Dumbbells can be found at most sporting good stores, or you can purchase them online. You can also get an adjustable dumbbell set with 4 extra 5 lb plates for more versatility.

Resistance Bands

There are two kinds of resistance bands used in this program. The first is what is often referred to as pull-up or powerlifting bands. These bands are slightly thicker, and are a continuous loop. Because they provide a higher level of resistance, the pull-up band is the band you’ll be using most often in workouts. If you don’t own bands yet, I recommend purchasing either a 2-15 lb band or 5-35 lb band for upper body movements, and either a 10-50 lb band or 25-80 lb band for lower body movements depending on your experience and strength.

The second set of bands I recommend purchasing are Therabands. If you’ve ever gone to a physical therapist before, you’ve likely used Therabands when performing rehabilitation exercises. These bands are not a continuous loop, but can be tied to a stationary object, or tied together at each end to make a loop. These bands are great for glute activation exercises, and stretching. If you’re new to strength training, I recommend purchasing the Yellow/Red/Green 3-pack, and if you have experience with strength training, purchase the Yellow/Blue/Black 3-pack.


Foam Roller

The Grid is one of the best foam rollers on the market because of the quality and the construction of the foam. It has a rigid, hollow core, which means it won’t compress overtime. If you’re on a budget, I recommend getting a basic high-density foam roller.

Massage Stick

The Stick is my favorite option as it’s longer than most, and allows for greater motion and pressure. If you’re looking for something basic, try The Massage Stick.


Workout Mat

I’m a huge fan of puzzle piece workout mats because they stay put when doing high-intensity movements, and can be connected with more pieces to fill a larger space.

Jump Rope

Basic adjustable jump ropes can be found at most sporting goods stores, or online. If you’re looking to step up your jump roping game, try the Buddy Lee’s Rope Master Jump Rope.

Core Sliders

Both Valslides and Elite Core Sliders are great options if you’re looking to purchase a basic pair of sliders. You can also purchase booties for Valslides to use on hardwood floors.


The Cushioned 3-in-1 Plyo Box is high quality, and has a soft stability, which makes it more forgiving if you miss a jump. Cushioned 3-in-1 boxes are also great because they allow you to utilize a variety of heights for workouts.

Suspension Trainer

While I absolutely love the TRX Suspension Trainer because it is high quality and durable—I’ve personally found the WOSS Attack Trainer is also a great option if you’re looking for a less expensive alternative. The suspension trainer packs away easily into a small space, and is great to travel with.